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Top 10 scorers for Manchester City of all-time (2022 updated)

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Manchester City have made astounding progress over the last few years in the Premier League. Aguero’s title winning goal commenced the beginning of a glorious era for the Cityzens. Pep Guardiola’s arrival at the Etihad has brought them even more glory. Manchester City is ruthlessly showing its attacking bravado.

The Cityzens broke the record for most goals scored in a calendar year in the Premier League. After Manchester City beat Newcastle 4-0 in 2021, their overall tally of 106 goals set a new record. Manchester City have had excellent attackers in their ranks in the past as well. Let’s talk about the top ten all-time goalscorers for Manchester City.

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10. Raheem Sterling - 127 goals

The winger from Liverpool has achieved wonders at Manchester City. He’s now looking to replicate the same at Chelsea. Raheem recently broke into this list, moving above Alec Herd. He scored his 127th goal in his 323rd appearance for Manchester City. Sterling has also scored 24 goals for Manchester City in the Champions League. This puts him at par with Paul Scholes as the second highest English top-scorer.

Raheem is the definition of consistency as he scored more than 20 goals in three of the last four seasons. Moreover, Raheem also scored 31 goals in the 2019-20 season, his career’s best.


9. Fred Tilson – 132 goals

Tilson’s decade with Manchester City would have been even more glorious but was unfortunately injury-ridden. Several injuries hampered him and prevented him from scoring more. Overall, he scored 132 goals in 273 appearances for Manchester City. Fred Tilson along with City winger Eric Brook formed a dangerous duo. The duo went on to score over 300 goals in an approximate combined total of 800 appearances.

Fred’s greatest moment at Manchester City was the 1934 FA Cup Final. Portsmouth had the upper hand against Manchester City after scoring a goal in the first half. Fred Tilson retaliated strongly, scoring two goals in the second half to win Manchester City the FA Cup.

8. Tommy Browell – 139 goals

Browell is one of the oldest Manchester City strikers and is still on this list. Tommy has scored 139 goals in 247 appearances for Manchester City. Manchester City acquired his services from Everton after Tommy had scored 12 goals in 17 appearances. The investment proved to be fruitful because Tommy Browell showed his clinical ability.

Tommy made an instant impact, scoring on his Manchester City debut. Tommy scored 31 league goals in the 1920-21 season. That season, Manchester City finished second in the league.

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7. Francis Lee – 148 goals

Manchester City bought the lethal finisher from Bolton Wanderers. Francis Lee was considered the all-time penalty king of Maine Road. Lee managed to score 15 penalties in one season which earned him the name “Lee One Pen”. Overall, he has managed to score 148 goals in 330 appearances for Manchester City. Francis Lee scored 16 goals in 31 appearances for Manchester City in his debut season.

He played a crucial role in Manchester City’s League Championship journey in 1968. Francis Lee scored one out of four goals against Newcastle United on the final day of the season. He was also a part of the 1969 FA Cup winning squad. Francis also helped Manchester City in the European Cup Winners Cup of 1970.


6. Billy Meredith – 151 goals

One of Manchester City’s oldest legends to grace this list. Quite literally, Billy remains the oldest player to represent Manchester City. The winger scored 151 goals in 394 appearances for Manchester City.

Billy Meredith proved to be quite the youngster, becoming the club’s top-scorer in his first full season. He then also became the club’s captain in his second season at just 21 years of age.

The 1905-06 season saw Billy ruin his own career. The final match of the season against Aston Villa ended in a rather controversial manner. The football association investigated the matter only to find out that Billy Meredith was guilty of bribing. This scandal saw him join Manchester United on a free transfer. After enjoying success with the Red Devils, Billy returned to Manchester City in 1921.


5. Joe Hayes – 152 goals

A story for the ages, Joe Hayes came from nothing and gave it his all despite the odds. The inside forward managed to score 152 goals in 364 appearances for Manchester City. Joe had worked at a cotton mill and a colliery before joining Manchester City. He made his debut against Tottenham Hotspur aged just 17. Hayes was also a part of the 2-1 FA Cup defeat in 1955. Joe Hayes scored his first Manchester City goal in the 1956 FA Cup final against Birmingham City.

Joe wasn’t very tall for a striker and also lacked proper eyesight – yet, he made the best of his abilities. However, a knee injury in 1963 had a noticeable effect on his playing ability. Manchester City then transferred him to Barnsley in 1965.


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4. Colin Bell – 153 goals

Bell made his name at Bury first, where he managed to score 25 goals in 82 appearances. Manchester City were struggling to meet the £45000 demand to sign Colin. However, assistant manager Malcom Allison misled the other interested clubs, particularly Leicester City. He claimed that the player was ‘hopeless’. Stupid as it may seem, the strategy worked quite well.

Colin seemed to fit in quite quickly into the Manchester City squad. He helped Manchester City win their second League Championship after 30 years. In doing so, Colin Bell scored 14 goals. Colin’s seamless progress came to an end because of a serious knee injury. Despite this, Bell managed to play some games for Manchester City before retiring in 1979.


3. Tommy Johnson – 166 goals

Manchester City acquired this player through the advice and suggestions of their own defender Eli Fletcher. Fletcher suggested Manchester City to sign the youngster from Dalton Casuals. Surprisingly, he stated that he would leave Manchester City if the transfer did not go through.

The club signed Tommy Johnson in 1919 who scored a goal on his debut. It took him some time to fully settle in Manchester City’s lineup. Tommy formed a great attacking duo with Horace Barnes. Overall, he managed to score 166 goals in 354 appearances for Manchester City. His Manchester City career came to an end when he joined Everton in 1930.

2. Eric Brook – 177 goals

Inarguably, Brook was Manchester City’s greatest winger ever . Brook possessed two of many essential attributes in football – fitness and consistency. Eric Brook scored 178 goals in 494 appearances for Manchester City. He hardly missed a game for Manchester City. It has been 76 years and Brook is still on the list.

Eric proved his consistency after scoring double-figure goals for eleven consecutive seasons. Brook could have done even more, but a motor accident forced his retirement in 1940.


1. Sergio Aguero – 178 goals

Who other than Sergio Aguero? The greatest Manchester City striker ever, and one of the greatest strikers in the modern era.

Aguero has scored 178 goals in 264 appearances for Manchester City. The Argentine earned a transfer to Manchester City in 2011 after scoring 101 goals in 264 appearances. Back then, he was Manchester City’s record signing. This proved to be fruitful as Aguero then went on to become the club’s top-scorer. Aguero also became one the highest scorers in the Premier League. He has also scored the most hat-tricks in the Premier League (11). These are just one of many records which Aguero has broken.

The ’93:20′ title-winning goal against QPR in 2012 is arguably one of the best moments in Premier League history, written by Aguero.



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Date: 4/10/2022

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