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Top 10 players play for both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

There is no doubt that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are two of the biggest giants in the world of football, and the derby between them is regarded as one of the most anticipated matches of the year. The verbal and on-field battles which take place during this match are unmatched. And Vinicius Junior and Koke’s recent confrontation is another example of how emotions play out during the Madrid derby. In spite of the historical rivalry, inter-city transfers have occurred frequently between the clubs.

The latest name on this list is Sergio Reguilon, who joined Atletico Madrid this summer after previously playing for Real Madrid. So let’s take a look at the top 10 players who have played for both teams.

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10. Jose Antonio Reyes

Jose Antonio Reyes is a legendary winger from the Spanish league. He has represented some elite clubs in LaLiga like Sevilla, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Espanyol throughout his career. His stint at Arsenal was his first taste of success after graduating from Sevilla’s youth academy.

Despite that, after three seasons with the Gunners, he was signed on loan by Real Madrid, where he played 30 games and scored six goals. Even though he was a good player for them, Real Madrid passed on signing him, giving Atletico Madrid a chance to sign him for €12 million. His move to another side of Madrid city wasn’t as fruitful.


9. Juanfran

Juanfran is well known for his work with Atletico Madrid during the 2010s, but few people know that he rose through the ranks of Real Madrid in his youth. Although the Spanish right-back began his career with Real Madrid, he wasn’t given the platform. He then moved to Osasuna where he got the attention of Atletico Madrid. The Atletico Madrid fans accepted Juanfran despite his history, and Juanfran also paid them back with some impressive performances.


8. Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez is one of the most lethal strikers from Mexico. In the 1980s, this Mexican-born striker appeared for both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid after moving from the Mexican League to Madrid. It was Atletico Madrid that recognized his potential and gave him the chance to succeed in Europe. However, after playing four seasons for Atletico Madrid, he signed for Real Madrid in a controversial move. The controversy didn’t affect his performance, as he scored 164 goals in 207 appearances for Real Madrid.


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7. Santiago Solari

Santiago Solari is a former Real Madrid midfielder and also a former Real Madrid manager. Solari played five seasons for Real Madrid and has remained close to the club even after his retirement. He served as Real Madrid’s youth manager, Real Madrid Castilla’s manager, and then Real Madrid’s manager. However, Solari entered European football through Atletico Madrid in 1999. Real Madrid, however, signed him after only one season.


6. Bernd Schuster

In his illustrious career, Bernd Schuster represented FC Barcelona, Real, and Atletico consecutively. FC Koln was where he began his career, followed by FC Barcelona where he established himself as a top player. He scored 63 goals for them in 170 appearances. After that, he spent two lacklustre seasons with their arch-rivals Real Madrid. His last move was to Atletico in 1990, where he became one of few in history to play for all three teams.


5. Marcos Llorente

The Atletico midfielder has been an indispensable member in recent years, but his career started with their rivals Real Madrid. Llorente is a product of Real Madrid’s academy and spent 11 years with Los Blancos. However, Llorente failed to establish himself as a permanent player in Madrid’s lineup, only appearing in 22 games. In 2019, he moved to Atletico and became one of the league’s best players.


4. Alvaro Morata

In many ways, Alvaro Morata’s case resembles Marcos Llorente’s. After emerging through the ranks at Real Madrid, he moved on to other clubs in search of more playing time. While at Real Madrid, Morata scored 25 goals in 63 appearances. In 2017, he left Real Madrid in search of game time, which proved to be a bad decision, as he could have been a good potential Real Madrid player after Ronaldo’s departure. At Stamford Bridge, Morata was not well received and even criticised by fans before he returned to the city of Madrid, but this time with Atletico Madrid.


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3. Thibaut Courtois

In recent times, Thibaut Courtois has received a lot of praise for his heroic performances with Real Madrid. Thibaut Courtois, however, once wore the shirt of Real Madrid’s arch-rivals at the beginning of his career. Courtois spent three seasons at Atletico Madrid on loan from Chelsea from 2011 to 2014. He emerged as a valuable prodigy during that time. Courtois is one of the most popular players in Real Madrid despite his Atletico Madrid background.


2. Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez is one of Real Madrid’s most distinguished strikers and perhaps the most decorated of the 2000s. In over 550 matches for Real Madrid, he scored 228 goals and won many trophies. However, most people have no idea that Raul Gonzalez used to be a youth product of Atletico Madrid, who recognized his talent in 1990. His stint at Atletico lasted only two years, however, before Real Madrid scouts spotted his talent and convinced him to join them instead.


1. Santiago Bernabeu

A major figure in Real Madrid’s history, Santiago Bernabeu is the man responsible for Real Madrid’s dominance and success during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Even the Real Madrid Stadium bears his name, which demonstrates his influence on Real Madrid and his history. Los Blancos’ greatest president, however, once donned the jersey of their arch-rivals Atletico in 1920. The reason behind his transfer to Atletico was never disclosed, but it was one of the biggest shocks of the century. Bernabeu, however, only appeared once for Atletico before returning to Real Madrid in 1921.


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