Top 10 Best Left Wingers in the World of 2022 (Updated)

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Left-wingers used to be left-footed, and their main job was to whip balls into immense forwards. But with the evolution of modern-day football, some of the best left-wingers worldwide now play wide on the left, using trickery, pace, and creativity to light up clubs all across Europe. Find details about the best left-wingers in the world in 2022.

The best left-wingers in the world in 2022 is typically described as dribbling, quick, skilful, and upright players. The left-wingers' football poses a significant threat. This article provides a list of the top best left-wingers in the world.

Top 10 best left-wingers in the world

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Wingers are among the most entertaining players to watch on a football field. They play in the most exciting parts of the game. Here is a list of the top ten left-wingers in the world in 2022. Due to the switching of flanks within the pitch, these names can also be found in a list of the best wingers in the world.

10. Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich)

Fans questioned Sane's performance after he was signed by Bayern Munich. He was sidelined due to injuries, but he returned with confidence and had his greatest performance by scoring goals and making assists. This season, he had eight goals and nine assists. His market value is $76 million as of February 2022.


9. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

Rashford's explosive bursts, eye for goal, and growing creativity have been a constant bright spot for United in both excellent and terrible times, and the 24-year-old has matured into one of Europe's top strikers in the last three years or so. Marcus has a market value of $92 million.


8. Ansu Fati (Barcelona)

At 19, Fatu has already made 50 appearances for Barcelona's first team, scoring 16 goals and assisting on six more. The Spaniard has been given the no.10 shirt, which Lionel Messi only recently donned, and is tasked with leading the Catalan giants into a bright new era.

He can finish well and maintain his composure while on the ball, demonstrating that he has what it takes. He is valued at $65 million.


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7. Jack Grealish (Manchester City)

Grealish, the former Aston Villa captain, shone in EURO 2021 and England World Cup qualification games. He has been a consistent performer for Manchester City, and he is one of the team's goal scorers. His market value is estimated at $87 million.


6. Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli)

With his quickness and close control, the diminutive winger was one of Italy's key performers in their Euro 2020 winning squad. He scored twice on his way to Wembley, including the game-winning goal against Belgium in the quarter-finals.

The Napoli captain has continued his excellent form this season, scoring five goals and assisting on four others in 13 games. But, like great wine, the 30-year-old is maturing. He is currently valued at $38 million.


5. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

Sterling is only 26 years old. Yet, the Brent-raised forward is lethal in the last third, flawless movement, and world-class speed and awareness. He's been doing it for years, honing his skills to become a devastating weapon for club and country, and he's just getting started. His is valued at $92 million.


4. Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur)

While the rest of Tottenham has devolved into mush in recent years, Son has remained his usual reliable source of goals and effort. The South Korean's four Premier League goals are over half of Spurs' total this season, and he's standing up to be counted alongside Harry Kane, who also appears to be lethal in striking.

Antonio Conte's arrival in north London will hopefully assist the 29-year-old winger in winning his first club trophy. His market value is estimated at $87 million.


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3. Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid recruiting Vinicius Jnr has transitioned the team's expectations to produce better results. The young man has grown into a star, thus validating his recruitment.

Vini has been one of the team's targets besides Benzema's left flank. This is because he uses his samba skills aggressively in his position which makes him one of the best wingers in the world. He also demonstrates his consistency in the game, becoming a growing talent to watch constantly. His market value is estimated at a whopping $109 million.


2. Neymar (Paris Saint-German)

Neymar has mastered the pitch as he can easily humiliate his opponents by passing through them and scoring unexpected goals. Therefore, he can be classified as a tricks master in the rise.

The 29-year-old is happiest dropping deeper and influencing his team's build-up play, which explains his lacklustre stats. He always finds more chances to score and assist by unleashing his magical samba tactics. Neymar was the best-left winger in the world in 2020. His market value is $98 million as of February 2022.


1. Sadio Mane (Liverpool FC)

Sadio Mane led Senegal to glory in the 2022 AFCON tournament. He still stays a threat in central and international games. He's a performer in Liverpool's squad and has led the team to lift champions league and premier league. Underestimating the man is the worst thing you can do. According to various sources, Mane is the best left winger in the world. He is valued at $87 million.



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