Football Player: Messi could be a substitute for Argentina at FIFA World Cup Qatar

Messi hasn't been at his best since joining Paris Saint-Germain last summer, despite still putting up some decent numbers for the French side.

But Piechniczek, who coached Poland at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, says that seeing the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner face Poland "would have been more interesting if Messi was five or six years younger.

"Let's be honest, Messi is now the grandfather of the forest. He's no longer the player he was a few years ago and it remains to be seen what role he'll play at the World Cup."

Messi on the bench?

Piechniczek went further, suggesting that Argentina boss Lionel Scaloni could even have the No.10 starting on the bench this winter.

"It's possible that he could be put on the bench, given his current level," Piechniczek added. "He can play a role like Zlatan Ibrahimovic with Sweden. He'll play the last 15-20 minutes, coming on as a substitute."

Despite his unusual dismissing of the world's best player, Piechniczek did concede that Messi could still go on to play an important part for Argentina.

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"He could have a sensational tournament, I can't rule it out," Piechniczek said. "There are always surprises.

"But seeing how he looks with PSG, he's not the same Messi as before."

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Date: 7/7/2022

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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