‘I want to win the league’: Casemiro targets success at Manchester United

Updated: Aug 25

Casemiro has said joining Manchester United made him “like an 18‑year‑old kid who is super excited about his new project”, and that he hopes Cristiano Ronaldo stays at the club.

United have reached an agreement with Real Madrid to sign the 30‑year‑old Brazil international subject to a medical and a visa being granted. Casemiro’s enthusiasm for the move caused him to express regret the transfer will not be official in time for him to face Liverpool at Old Trafford on Monday evening.

“I spoke to my wife and she said I look like an 18-year-old kid who is super excited about his new project and I do feel so excited about playing in the Premier League,” Casemiro said during an emotional farewell ceremony.

“If I could, I would play today for United against Liverpool.

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It’s a club with great history, I will have to work hard to make a name for myself because there, I have won nothing yet. At Manchester United, first of all, what I want is to transmit the way I feel about the club, my respect.

“Everything I did here [at Real] I want to do there, too.

I want to show my fighting spirit, capacity to work hard and professional attitude. I want to win the league. I am going through one of the best moments of my career. I feel I’m really fit, mentally I feel great, and I want to continue to enjoy. It’s a great moment to take this decision.”

Casemiro is expected to earn about £350,000 a week at United. “Those who think I’m leaving for money is because they don’t know me. At the end of the Champions League final [when Real beat Liverpool in May] I had the feeling that my cycle was over. After the holidays, with a clear head, the feeling was the same.

“It wasn’t that fast [a decision]. I already spoke with the club as soon as the Champions League finished. People: don’t forget the club I’m going to [is] the biggest team in the world and that can compete with the greatness of Real Madrid, although now it doesn’t.”

The midfielder claimed four of his five Champions League medals when Ronaldo also played for Real. The Portuguese wishes to leave United, but Casemiro said: “I haven’t spoken to Cristiano, I hope he stays because he’s one of the best players of all time.”

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